The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-001.

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Item Type: Concertina

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End Frets

Summary: Flat rosewood-veneered ends and sides, the ends receiving the 12 pearl pallets per side. An extra raised palm-support to each end protects the pallets from pressure from the player's palm area.

End Shape: Hexagonal.

End Sides: Vertically-grained rosewood veneer.

End Diameter: 149mm.

End-Profile: Flat.

End Material: Rosewood veneer.

End Bolts: Mainly flat topped steel woodscrews, with some possibly original remaining shallow, curved-top brass bolts.

End Stamps / Labels: No stamps or labels to the wood of the ends.

Fret Pattern: Flat veneer, no fret-cut patterns.

Label Embouchure Pattern: No label embouchure - The Metal silver label is screwed to circular key panel.

Strap Screw-insert type: The cubic rosewood strap metal mount adjacent to each thumb-strap bears a nickel crosspiece secured by two steel screws, and has a central hole for the (missing) strap-screws.

Finger-rest: Simple L-shaped brass finger-rest, to RH end, no curved end, retaining most of its green leather cladding. LH finger-rest is missing.

Fret Condition: Small amount of missing veneer to LH side frame.

Damage Summary: As with many of the Collection's items originating from the King's College attic storerooms which housed the remnants of the Wheatstone Laboratory collection, this item is in fragile condition, with fragmentary bellows, incomplete thumb-straps, and one missing pallet disc.

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The Concertina Museum Collection

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