The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-001.

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Item Type: Concertina

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Action Board

Action Board Summary: The flat ends of the ivory key-bases insert directly into the carved recesses in the solid rosewood action plinth; Each lever recess has a Roman Numeral serial number stamped adjacent to it, corresponding to the Numeral stamped on each ebony lever nearby. A nickel pin at the end of each ebony lever inserts horizontally into the side of each ivory key.

Action Board Pivot: A horizontal pin, running from side-to-side of each ebony lever, rocks upon a pair of slots in the carved spaces within the rosewood action block.

Action Board Levers: Ebony levers, screwed to centre of each pearl pallet, and pivoted by a side-to-side metal pin; The curved nickel strip springs are pinned to the inner end of each lever, and act upon the inner surface of the circular action cover.

Action Board Springs: The curved nickel strip springs are pinned to the inner end of each lever.

Action Board Pallets: Circular pearl pallets, engraved at the periphery, with a few having remaining lambswool and leather pallet facings.

Action Board Air Valve: None.

Action Board Securing-screw pattern: The upper circular rosewood action cover is secured against the levers and springs beneath it by a pattern of six domed-top woodscrews.

Action Board Sub-fret-board Supports: None.

Action Board Labels: Roman Numeral number-stamps to each ebony lever, and to the raised action plinth adjoining each numbered lever.

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