The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-347.

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Item Type: Concertina

Summary Labels and Serial Numbers End Frets Fingering System Straps and Holding Devices Fret Baffle Action Board Reeds and Reed Pans Bellows

End Frets

Summary: A simple machine-cut pattern of stained rosewood frets, (areas of damage to both ends) in the earliest pattern of the first 2- row George Jones anglos of this period.

End Shape: Hexagonal.

End Sides: Six.

End Diameter: 158mm.

End-Profile: Flat.

End Material: Whilst the frets are of stained rosewood, the fretwork-frame and action frame edges are of stained solid mahogany.

End Bolts: Domed cheese-head brass bolts, (never usually used on most early and budget anglo production in this period - steel woodscrews being favoured), securing the fretwork end to the action frame and bellows.

Label Embouchure Pattern: Oval embouchure for maker's label (now absent) and smaller oval for LH Serial Number 609 (present, on chamois baffle).

Strap Screw-insert type: No inserts - screws (missing) direct to action frame.

Damage Summary: No case, later hand-straps, label missing, fret damage to both ends.

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