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Item Type: Wheatstone Flute Embouchure


Full Description: A clip on silver-plated Flute Embouchure upon a boxwood and ivory flute by Potter, London, c 1820. It was made by William Wheatstone (Charles Wheatstone’s father) at his music shop at 128 Pall Mall (where young Charles was apprenticed for a time). It enables the amateur flautist to sound the flute without any difficult lip-positioning: The silver-plated embouchure has a rocking lip-rest, is leather-lined to enable it to be slipped on to the headstock of the flute, and has a gilt brass name plate embossed “(crown) W Wheatstone 128 Pall Mall, 1659” (this last the item’s serial number). The ivory-bound boxwood headstock and lower section of the flute is stamped ‘Potter, London’.
There are two Wheatstone Embouchures in the Dayton C Miller Flute Collection , in the Music Division of the Library of Congress,USA; . (Miller purchased one of them in 1937 from the sister of Catherina Josepha Pratten (neé Pelzer) the noted Victorian concertina player, composer and arranger!)

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 1.2.8-002

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