The Concertina Museum: 1.2.9-006

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Item Type: Wheatstone ‘Wren’ Mouth Organ


Full Description: Two “Wheatstone” Buddy 8-Note Mouth Organs, one of the first instruments permitted to be made by Wheatstone’s as the restrictions on non-war-related manufactures began to be relaxed after the war. Each retains its case, and the tiny instruments are stamped in the metal Buddy, Wheatstone, Made in England” with “The Buddy 8-Note Mouth Organ, The Cecil Series – A wonderful little Instrument” printed on the various parts of the original card cases. Each retains its red, wound carrying cord.
The Collection has, in its Section NC.1.2.9, many examples from the range of these rather cheap ‘n’ cheerful mouth organs, made just after the 2nd World War at the Wheatstone workshops. They made “tremolo” models, “Harmonicas”, “Mouth Organs”, “Vampers”, and the 8-Note Miniature “Buddy” Mouth Organ, from mid-1946 to around 1949. Most instruments have their date of manufacture stamped inside the lid of the case.

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 1.2.9-006

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