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Item Type: Wheatstone Fingering Chart


Full Description: A Fingering Systems chart for Wheatstone concertinas, as sent to Mr Walter Braatz in Florida, USA, (and signed on the front by him) from Wheatstone and Co's 3/5 Ives Street, Chelsea, London SW3 address. This late 1950s leaflet was largely written by Harry Minting, and includes his article on The Wheatstone Concertina (a ‘potted history’!), and an amusing article headed "The Great Concertina Mystery". The centre-spread of the leaflet features fingering charts of the four fingering systems offered by the firm, and the leaflet includes Harry's slogan "Play an Instrument you can Carry!" This catalogue, and letters NC. and NC. were found in a large bound folio of concertina music, labelled "George Lockyer Vol V" - see items in NC:5.1.1 for details.

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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