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Item Type: Tutor Book - Minting


Full Description: Minting Tutor Books: The Wheatstone Rutterford Instructions for the Duet Concertina. These two later editions (revised 1946) of this soft-bound Tutor is a West Street -published edition of the Ernest Rutterford "A Practical and Comprehensive Tutor for the Duet Concertina, arranged and fingered by Ernest Rutterford" Wheatstone Tutor. It is Wheatstone No 2450, 5th Edition and priced 4/6 net, and they are probably part of Mr Minting's stocks at his West Wickham music shop. Harry Minting played with Ernest Rutterford in his "Shakespeare-Rutterford Rhythmonic Combination" from 1924 (when aged 16 years), and had taken concertina lessons from Rutterford's father Charles from 1918 to 1940 - There is an early image of Chas Rutterford at NC. , and a note from Chas Rutterford to Harry praising his playing at NC. and four of Chas Rutterford's Tuition Boards at NC. a, b and c, and at NC. a and NC. b.

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