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Item Type: Photograph - Rutterford


Full Description: A large formal photographic portrait, set in a card surround and once framed, of a musical trio including Ernest Rutterford on Maccann Duet Æola concertina, and two gentlemen with cornet and 'cello. All three are in RAF uniform, so possibly 1930-40 period. The surround is stamped "Hana Studios Ltd, 22 Bedford Street, Strand, London". Details of Hana Studios Ltd are:
* STUDIOS: 1. 22 Bedford Street, Strand, Westminster, (2nd floor. November 1897 - 1925. Registered November 1st 1897. Directors: George Henry Hana and John Bulbeck.
* Studios: 2. 15 Leicester Square, Westminster, from 1925 - 1930. Succeeded by Navana Ltd.
* Bankrupt June 10 1930.
(Originally catalogued as CMC Item No C661).

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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