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Item Type: Photograph - Maccan & Miniature


Full Description: A large and fragile photograph of a 'giant' Wheatstone Maccann 81-key Aeola Duet concertina, set near a tiny 8-Key Wheatstone Miniature concertina (and a coin to give scale!). The print measures 254 x 303mm. These instruments were once the property of Jim Harvey, a leading member of the International Concertina Association in the 1950s and '60s, but the two halves of the large Duet somehow became separated, one end remaining in Jim's possession, and the other in the hands of another ICA member, probably Tommy Williams, a Lachenal craftsman/tuner in the 1920s, and later a repairer in Tennyson Street, Battersea. Neil Wayne examined Jim's half of the large Duet and the miniature at the Pontefract Concertina Convention on 1st July 1977 and there heard of the dispute from Jim. The instrument had exceedingly large levers spanning the wide ends, out to a perimeter of reeds. For a superb archive of Les Davies' large plate photographs of Tommy Williams at work in his garret, see Items see Items NC. to NC. ; for images of the Concertina Museum's Miniature Wheatstone concertina No 35995 (a unique 'Clown' model with 'slide-apart' bellows!) - see Item C. 089 This instrument is listed in The Horniman Dickinson Wheatstone sales Ledgers at

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