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Item Type: Concertina Revival - Photograph


Full Description: A large professional photograph taken by the Daily Express at the Bishop's Stortford Concertina Convention held in 1973. It was at this convention that Neil Wayne first met Tommy Williams, the famed duet concertina player, who was one of the last craftsmen employed by Lachenal & Co in the mid-1930s. He also met Nic Kinsey, legendary studio owner and favourite producer for many early folk and rock labels. At Nic's suggestion, Neil brought Tommy down to Nic's Livingston Studios, Barnet, London, and recorded many tunes and an interview that now form the basis of the CD "Masters of the Concertina" - FRRR 12 (visit . The persons in the photo are: (Back Row) - Neil Wayne, Alistair Anderson, Steve Wood, Howard Rosenblum; (Front Row) - Harry Beard, Jill Curnick, Sarah Ledbury, and Howard Mitchell. (Howard is a noted musician and author on all matters folk and dance-related - see )

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