The Concertina Museum: 4.5-003

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Item Type: Biscuit Tin


Full Description: One of several figural Biscuit Tins in the form of a concertina, this model being a Jacobs' Biscuit tin that includes four pairs of reeds fixed to an inner reed-plate within the right hand end, that sound chords when the end of the tin is slid open (presumably to alert Mama of any impending biscuit theft). This Jacobs tin is in fair condition, with both thumb-straps missing, and reeds and paintwork in fair order with scratching and scuffs. Due to its compact shape, capacity for music, and widespread popularity throughout the classes, the use of the concertina for toys, figurines, in 'cute and comic' images and posed photographs has continued throughout the last hundred years. One specialist use of the concertina's iconic form has been in several varieties of biscuit tin, as listed in section NC.4.5 of the Collection. []
Information on both the Jacobs and Gray Dunn biscuit tins is here . []

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 4.5-003

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