The Concertina Museum: 4.6-003

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Item Type: Badge


Full Description: A silver-plated lapel badge, engraved "Everton District Concertina and Pipe band", in annular form, with a central raised five-pointed star and raised royal crown atop the design. Rear is hall-marked "MLEE". The Everton & District Pipe Band was formed over 100 years ago. The band was then called the Everton & District Pipe & Concertina Band as the band had a couple of ranks of Pipers, Concertina players and a full Corps of drummers, on parade the Pipers would play a tune and then the Concertina Players would play a tune, this tradition carried on until the late 1930's.The band has over the years had some well known members within its Ranks, Bro: Joe Allen HDGM who was its Drum Major for many years, Bro: Billy Barrow HDGM who was the Pipe Major and also the District Master of No 2 District for about 20 years, Bro: Albert Hindley HDGM Drum Major and past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Liverpool. The Present Liverpool Provincial Grand Master Bro: W. M. Owens HDGM was a Member of the Band for over 40 years and the Band Secretary for 33 years . (This from an on-line resource on Liverpool Orange Lodge Bands ). []

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 4.6-003

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