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Item Type: Trophies of the ICA


Full Description: ICA The Wilfred Pearce English Concertina Challenge Cup
This item is one of the nine surviving ICA trophies acquired from the committee of the ICA in 2009, for conservation and research. As the old archives of the ICA Newsletter are fully studied, more details will be added to these entries, detailing the biographies of the many famed players who competed for and won these awards at the ICA Festivals that were held every year or so from 1955 onwards. We add below the names of winners and dates of the Festivals that are engraved upon the Trophies, and shall update the information regularly.
This trophy bears the dates and names of the following players:
1959, P Barnes,
1960, Paul Barnes,
1961, T Prince,
1964, Frank Butler,
1965, H Firth,
1969, D Nicoll,
1971, A Clements,
1973, T Prince,
1975, T Prince,  
1977, T Prince,
1979, T Prince,
1985, D Rogers,
1986 onwards - No Further Names

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 4.7.1-003

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