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Item Type: Tutor - Wheatstone's


Full Description: A rare hard-bound first edition of “Instructions for the double concertina by Joseph Warren”, published in “London, Messrs Wheatstone & Co, 20 Conduit Strt. Regent Strt., Price 7/6”. The ‘Double’ concertina was introduced by Wheatstone’s Conduit Street manufactory from about 1845. A good summary of its history appears together with details of Robert Gaskins’ Double No 23 appears here [] The Collection has an early 66-key double concertina as Item C.100 , [] which was acquired together with the ‘Double’ Tutor described here. The Tutor may be incomplete, since it contains but the first 6 pages and page 25, bound together with several pages of manuscript religious music, and blank pages with prints of instruments applied to them. A complete edition may be studied here . []. The tutor is signed by its Owner “Jno Streeter July 18th 1853”. A facsimile copy of C Wheatstone’s two-page introductory document about his new invention is Item NC.5.4.6-002 [] in the Collection.
The major source for information and listings of all known Concertina Tutors is Randall Merris’s paper at

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 5.4.6-001

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