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Welcome to the Concertina Museum Collection Digital Archive

This site offers on-line access to every instrument, image and archive item in the Collection, and enables collectors and researchers to examine in detail the construction, design, labelling of many hundreds of English-made and continental concertinas, of related free reeded instruments, of the inventions of Charles Wheatstone, and enables full consultation of the Museum's archive of concertina images, music and literature.

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The main sections of the site are listed here:

Introduction: The Concertina Museum Collection

Sections within The Collection

C:0: Concertinas
This links to a summary of all the makers represented in the Collection, and enables all data (maker, labelling, images, parts etc)about individual instruments to be studied, searched and sorted.

C:15. Other free-reeded instruments and Wheatstone inventions
(including symphoniums, Æolinas, accordéons, European and Wheatstone harmoniums, Wheatstone's woodwind and harmonicas, and instruments from the Wheatstone Museum at King's College).

NC: Non-concertina Items
(including all concertina- and Wheatstone-related instruments, images, photographs, advertising, makers' information, music, tutors, recordings, research material and archives).

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The Concertina Museum Collection

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