The Concertina Museum: C15.3.2-009

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Item Type: A 19-plus-2-Key Flutina or Accordéon Diatonique


Full Description: A 19-plus-2-Key "Flutina" or "Accordéon Diatonique".
A later model in two-row form (the rows on either side of the hand-bar), with a pair of pivoted levers atop the hand-bar, with perforated brass end-covers, operating a pair of rise-and-fall pearl pallets on curliqued brass levers, leading to drone chordal reed-plates. The pearl pallets are of square-ended format, with blued steel securing screws. The large brass left-hand air valve lever and pallet, operated by an external button, is within a raised scalloped wooden rim, together with two smaller brass pallets operated by jointed brass levers and buttons, which operates brass drone reeds within the LH end.
The instrument measures 125 x 324mm, has 6-fold bellows with floral patterned papers, and the bellows frames are of scalloped profile.
The instrument was acquired from Bamfords Auctions, Derby in March 2010. The inner parts are marked with a wealth of dealers' labels, for ‘J Hoyland, Sheffield’ (various addresses), and it has the original impressed external stamp of “Busson brevete Paris”. The instrument retails its decoratively-trimmed softwood case.

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: C15.3.2-009

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