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Item Type: Concertina

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Action Board

Action Board Summary: One-piece action and bellows-frame. In 'No 38' the 'action' (the keys, and their associated levers) is mounted on a circular mahogany block, which is extremely similar to the action block used in the three earliest open pallet instruments . But rather than having levers mounted in routed grooves within the block, there are simple wooden levers, pivoted by brass axles, onto wooden supports and connected to the keys by a brass crank.

Action Board Pivot: Wooden U-shaped, with brass axle.

Action Board Levers: Wooden levers with glazed leather hinges, mounted into edges of bellows/action frame.

Action Board Springs: Complex long springs mounted into edge of and across grooves in pallet tops

Action Board Pallets: A major feature of 'No. 38', which places it squarely amongst Wheatstone's experimental instruments, is its unique lever and pallet system that is totally unrelated to any previous open-pallet feature, even to those on a Demian accordion. Furthermore, no other known concertina exhibits pallets in any way similar to this prototype, whose trapdoor-style wooden pallets are hinged into the inner face of the surrounding action frame. Their springs are mounted on the surface of these pallets; these springs are pinned into the upper edge of the action frame (where note- names also are stamped). The pallets are connected the levers with a connecting flap of thin, zephyr-style leather.

Action Board Securing-screw pattern: Trio of wooden cylindrical supports receiving the three screws from handstrap, finger-rest on top-centre fret area.

Action Board Sub-fret-board Supports: 6 felt-padded rectang ular pillars in each corner of the action tray.

Action Board Labels: Every pallet location has a numbered stamp all around the edge of the action tray

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