The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-120.

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Item Type: Concertina

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Case and Other

Main Case: Original hexagonal rosewood-veneered case, finely-grained, and with a fine and original gloss varnish finish.. Solid bevelled rosewood lid, top strap an embossed leather replacement. Red velvet lining, two-clasp brass lock. The lock embouchure is an obvious replacement, with an intriguing circular turned ivory disc, initially resembling a clothes button; however, further research may indicate its origin as one of the Ivory Pallets as used on the early 1830s Charles Wheatstone Open Pallet concertinas (See Item C.001 in the Museum Collection.) If the instrument did return to West Street, or to Conduit Street pre-1900 for the new thumb-straps it seems now to have, one of the staff may have used parts from the long-redundant open-pallet instruments to create a smart new embouchure for this case!

Main Case Shape: Hexagonal

Main Case Measurement: 177.5mm x 161mm tall.

Main Case Material: Original hexagonal Rosewood veneered case, solid bevelled lid

Main Case Inner Label: None

Main Case Lock: Inset 2-clasp brass

Main Case Hinges: Two brass, unlabelled.

Main Case Straps: Top strap replaced by embossed leather belting.

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