The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-251.

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Item Type: Concertina

Summary Labels and Serial Numbers End Frets Fingering System Straps and Holding Devices Fret Baffle Action Board Reeds and Reed Pans Bellows Case and Other


Full Description: An early-1850s period 48-key rosewood-ended William Prowse English system, with green leather four-fold bellows, with pine board sub-fret baffles. A dealer's label of "M Gouron" is applied to an INNER bellows fold. Square-ended nickel-tongued reeds. Original green thumb-straps, original hexagonal rosewood-veneered case, with Keith, Prowse & Co label in lid. Serial No 13.The bellows show none of the sharp leather folding of the early "Bookbinder's" Style, and are of 4-folds, and do not have the silk-reinforced bottom-bout to bellows-frame. The bellows have a unique simple "Gilt tiny circles with plus signs" paper pattern.

Concertina Summary: An early and unusual William Prowse 48-Key rosewood-ended English concertina, Serial No 13, with the "William Prowse, City Royal Musical Repository, 48 Cheapside, London" label wording. Serial No 13, with original rosewood veneered case.

Owner or Collection: Concertina Museum, Belper

Maker: William Prowse

Maker Links: A good survey by Wes Williams of the Prowse family's various addresses and some noted instruments is at:

Region of Manufacture: London

Main Maker's Label Wording: "William Prowse, City Royal Musical Repository, 48 Cheapside, London".

System Type: 48-Key Treble English system

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-251.

Maker Details

Keith,Prowse & Co. took over from William Dove about 1852.

Keith,Prowse & Co.were a company that traded under variations of the name. Mr. W Prowse, who ran the company from 1846 to 1865, purchased 16 concertinas from Wheatstone during 1851, so were already established as a concertina trader before the takeover of Dove. By 1888 they were selling rebadged Lachenals from 48 Cheapside,London.

The rarely seen Thomas Prowse label is not connected. He operated from 13 Hanway St,London from 1835-60 and from 15 Hanway St. from 1860-68, and is listed as buying various instruments in early Wheatstone records.

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