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Item Type: Wheatstone Shop Photograph


Full Description: The original mounted photograph of the Wheatstone premises at 15, West Street, Charing Cross Road, London. Dated to the front "1900" and faintly pencilled "No 1". To the rear, in Harry Minting's hand, is a summary of the four main dates and addresses of the Wheatstone businesses:
1750 Exeter 'Change (Lyceum Dance Hall site)
1809 436 Strand (Near Charing X Station)
1827 20 Conduit Street, Regent Street W1 (Concertina here invented)
1905 15 West Street, Charing X Road
This iconic image was used many times on Wheatstones' later advertising, and featured on the Topic-Free Reed LP "Concertina Workshop" by Northumbrian concertina virtuoso Alistair Anderson - now on CD as .

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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