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Item Type: Photograph - ICA


Full Description: The original plate photograph of the major gathering of the London-based "International Concertina Association" that took place in 1951. This oft-reproduced image features many of the members, players and craftsmen who kept the ICA a thriving - if very London-based -organisation in the 1950s and 1960s; a short list of those present is in ink to the rear, together with "taken in London during the Festival of Britain year 1951 - This was when the ICA was really strong" . Present are Harry Crabb; Alf Edwards; Reuben Shaw; Harry Minting; Jim and Maurice Harvey; Tommy Williams - all of whom were interviewed and some recorded by Neil Wayne in the early 1970s. Others present were Len Jones; John Gibson, and many as yet unidentified, but including at least two ladies. The rear bears the photographer's details - 'Harvey Johns, Chalcot Road, NW1', who was also the photographer of the Wheatstone factory (Item NC. ).

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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