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Item Type: Photographs - Harry Minting


Full Description: A selection of the photographs used by Harry Minting in the creation and design of the 1950s "Blue Boards" Wheatstone concertina catalogue.
The images and their original Concertina Museum Collection (1990) catalogue numbers are:
1: A tortoiseshell-ended Wheatstone 56-Key Æola from 1950 (possibly Harry's own model, No 31202 (CMC No C624)
2: A view of the internal pallets of an early bone-pallet 1830s Wheatstone 24-key (see Concertina No C.003 for a similar model) (CMC No C612)
3: An 1851-period rosewood ended, brass inlaid Wheatstone 48-key English, with gilt-stamped bellows and straps, silver capped keys. (CMC No C616)
4: A 24-key Wheatstone Symphonium, with the date 1825 on the picture. (CMC No C608/609)
5: An 1890 period black-end metal-keyed 49-key English. (CMC No C618/619)

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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