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Item Type: Letter - Minting and Wayne


Full Description: Minting Correspondence: Neil Wayne. A file of Harry's letters to and from Neil Wayne, mainly about Wayne's Wheatstone researches and his attempts to purchase and conserve Harry's 'Open Pallet' Wheatstone concertina and the Wheatstone Sales ledgers. Neil Wayne optimistically enclosed a cheque - which was graciously returned! - but finally acquired the Ledgers from Harry in the early 1990s - they are now fully-digitised and searchable on line, and are in the Horniman Museum (see ) . The early Minting open pallet was sold through Phillips Auctions, and is now in the Chambers Collection, Co Clare. Neil Wayne's 2009 Galpin Society Journal paper on early Wheatstone instruments discusses the provenance of the Minting open pallet and the four other early open pallet Wheatstone instruments currently in various collections.

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