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Item Type: Band - Manningham Concertina Band


Full Description: One of a series of five early 20th century images of the Manningham Concertina Band, active in the Cleckheaton area of Yorkshire. These were acquired via a descendant of one of the last players in the band, who was selling off a remaining concertina to a local dealer. Unlike other more serious Concertina Bands in this area, Manningham adopted the “Black-Face” look, and their instrumentation seemed to favour Anglo concertinas, rather than the English or Duet-fingered instrument preferred by other northern Bands.
This second of the five photographs feature seven members, six in a similar fancy-dress, and one dressed as a policeman. They hold anglo concertinas and are near large and small drums; the Policeman is found in all five images!

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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