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Item Type: Concertina Revival - Photograph


Full Description: This image is of the noted Tyneside concertina player and teacher Gordon Cutty, and his young pupil Marie Robson. Gordon's generous willingness to teach the instrument did much to popularise the playing of the formal repertoire of the English concertina in the North East of England, often with his vast repertoire of dance band tunes. Gordon's playing features on the Free Reed CD "Masters of the Concertina" - FRRR 12 (visit ), and there are tracks of Gordon and Marie's playing together on the Free Reed 3-CD compilation "This Label is NOT Removable" - visit . There is a photograph of Marie and her sister Eileen playing at the Long Eaton Concertina Convention at: Item NC. . The photograph is one of the archive of photographic images taken at the Kendal Concertina Convention, 1973 by Paul Adams (now head of the Fellside record label). The two major events held at The Brewery Arts Centre brought together many younger players new to the instrument, and older players such as Harry Hatton, Frank Butler, Arthur Austin, and the remarkable Colonel Sanderson Memorial Concertina Band from the Liverpool Orange Lodge fraternity. The photographs are © Paul Adams, and used with his permission and with our thanks.

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