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Item Type: Birthday Card -


Full Description: One of the many variants of the “Three Kittens plus Anglo Concertina” card that appear from various countries, and are used for various events and for various greetings cards, in this section used as Birthday Greetings post cards. Both cats and concertina are particularly realistic, and the image and its variants were copied and adapted all over Europe. See also Items 3.2.2-008 to -015 for more general cards featuring these cats.This birthday variant has a large vignette of three kittens plus Anglo in colour, plus a circular image of a single kitty, plus embossed flowers on a silvered card, ‘A Happy Birthday’ embossed. Labelled “The Popular Series”. Divided rear, Posted Sep 4th 1908. See also Items & -002

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum:

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