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Item Type: Advertising Card -


Full Description: One of a series of rather strange early US advertising cards, some tea-company-related, which feature a pair of cartoon grasshoppers, with the one seated on a fence playing a circular 'concertina'. The sub-heading on each reads "In this Wheat By and By", which appears to be a quote from the poem "The Heart of Mary Malone" (see ) - here is the relevant verse:
"By and by, we'll cut the rye,
But I bet my hat I drink that, I drink that.
Drive this mower a little slower,
In this wheat, in this wheat, by and by."

The phrase is also discussed on the website of the National Cigar Museum, in the section "Bad Brands" that lists awful trade-marks and brands: (see )
The "Wheat by and by" brand image is at: .
This card is the largest example, and bears a copyright claim from J F Ryder, Cleveland, O. Further versions of this image as used in advertising appear as Items NC.3.4-018 and NC.3.4-019

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 3.4-020

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