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Item Type: Tutor - Anglo Concertina


Full Description: Tutor for the British-style Anglo Concertina: A fragmentary copy of “Roylance’s Concertina Tutor for the Anglo-German concertina”. Two further Roylance Tutors are at Items NC.5.4.1-013 and NC.5.4.1-014 . Charles George Roylance (c. 1840–?) was a musical instrument dealer, concertina performer-teacher, and author-publisher of tutors for English and Anglo concertina and other instruments. Most banjos and concertinas marketed under his name were actually made by other firms. He sponsored at least one contest—“ Mr. C. Roylance’s English Concertina Contest, Cambridge Hall, Oxford Street” (July 5th, 1870), and a large pewter trophy from that very contest is Item NC.4.9-001 in the Collection, and has the engraving “Presented to Mr W J Corton, by the Umpires, for the best-played Concertina solo at Mr. C Roylance’s Concertina Contest at the Cambridge Hall, Newman Street, Oxford Street, July 5th 1870.”
The major source for information and listings of all known Concertina Tutors is Randall Merris’s paper at

Source Catalogue No: The Concertina Museum: 5.4.2-004

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