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Access to the Concertina Museum Collection Digital Archive

The entire Collection is now accessible on-line at This XML database offers access to images of every instrument and printed item, and each concertina is annotated in detail, with information on maker, date of sale, original owner, dealer, serial number, system, labelling and detailed analysis of its internal construction.

New Additions
For a regular update of new additions to The Museum Collection, new design features, and extra search functions, click here.

Researchers may perform complex searches within the site, for instance searching for: "All George Case concertinas between serial numbers 500 and 3000 that possess pearl end-inlays", or: "All C Wheatstone English system concertinas with 32 keys", or: "All Salvation Army images which include Maccann duet concertinas", etc, etc.

A summary of search results will be then displayed, with links to the full data upon each item.

A forthcoming upgrade to the database will enable individual owners to submit the details of their instruments to the data held on the site, via a secure Wiki-type submission page that is fully password-protected, since it is evident from discussion with owners that we must provide absolute anonymity of the concertinas that they own. We also hope to add much data from the Horniman Wayne Collection of concertinas to the database, and to contribute our research to the Hornimanís database to enable this information to become a truly world class research source for free reeded instruments, their music and images.

The early history of Wheatstone and his invention of the concertina is the subject of Neil Wayne's two papers in the Galpin Society Journal: firstly, "The Wheatstone English Concertina" in the Galpin Society Journal Vol 44, March 1991 and "The Invention and Evolution of the English Concertina" in the Galpin Society Journal Vol 61, May 2009

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