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C:0: Concertinas

The main links to the many headings and sub-headings within the Concertina Section of the database are summarised here: This section features the research collection of around 350 early instruments, specialising in instruments from British concertina makers working prior to 1860, in the early prototypes from the Wheatstone workshops, and in memorabilia and inventions related to Charles Wheatstone, together with many hundreds of images featuring the instrument and its players. In particular, the new Collection centres on early and unrestored English-made concertinas, to ensure that their leatherwork, tuning, temperament and makers' labels remain in original condition.

Here is a summary of the instruments represented in the collection, grouped by makers, and in the searchable C-*** number order. There are links below to the first instrument in each Maker Section, and to the Maker Section summary pages. There are further links within each Maker Section summary page that link to some of the instruments that best illustrate the evolution of the maker's various design features, and important early and curious models, that best reveal that maker's instruments.

C-001 to C-150 C Wheatstone &Wheatstone & Co
C-151 to C-175 Joseph Scates
C-176 to C-220 George Case
C-221 to C-250 Rock Chidley, inc. Edward Chidley
C-251 to C-257 Keith, Prowse inc. Wm Prowse
C-258 to C-259 William Dove
C-260 to C-262 Jabez Austin
C-264 to C-265 John Alvey Turner
C-266 to C-268 Ebblewhite (inc. French parts models)
C-269               Cramer & Co (Wheatstone)
C-270 to C-279 F C Nickolds, Nickolds Bros
C-280 to C-325 Louis Lachenal and Lachenal & Co
C-326 to C-329 Crabb
C-330 to C-349 George Jones
C-350 to C-352 Henry Harley
C-360 to C-369 Simpson
C-370 to C-419 Foreign Manufacture
    C-370 to 376 German & French "English" System
    C-377 to 380 German-Made - Unusual Profiles
    C-381 to 388 German-Made - Fancy Metalwork, inlays
    C-389 to 391 German-Made - Scalloped Profiles
    C-392 to 394 German-Made -
    C-395 to 402 German-Made - Simple 20-keys
    C-403 to 406 Modern French/Italian-made - 20-Keys
    C-407 to 409 German-Made - early rectangular models
    C-410 to 419 German-Made - true Bandoneons and Chemnitzers
C-421 to C-440 Maker Unclear

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