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Instrument Section C-269, Maker - Cramer & Co (Wheatstone)

A good survey by Wes Williams of Cramer's details  is here: This states:
"A Cramer has been recently seen for sale in the Netherlands, bearing the imprint J. B. Cramer & Co., 201 Regent St. This company was not formed until 1872, so this instrument must be from this date or after. It has another label 'Selected by Richard Blagrove' which ties in well with the fact that Blagrove (1827?-1895), who was a major figure among classical concertina performers and arrangers, became very popular, especially after a concertina recital in 1868 at Windsor Castle at the invitation of Queen Victoria. Another instrument by this maker is in the Horniman".

C.269   Cramer No 232 :- This instrument bears the label wording  "Cramer & Co Artist's Concertina, Selected by Richard Blagrove" on an inset gilt plaque in the RH label embouchure.  Though it has post-1870 Wheatstone style single-riveted steel reeds, its serial number is not of any Wheatstone series.  Since the inner pan-faces have an oval ink-stamped Wheatstone & Co label (Conduit St address) , and both bellows and thumb-straps have Wheatstone design, it is likely that Cramer-badged instruments, in their own number series and design, where made for them by the Conduit Street manufactory.

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