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Instrument Section C-326 to C-329, Maker - H Crabb

The only accurate on-line documentation of the H Crabb & Son family firm is an article by Roger Digby, available here. Most of the other on-line information has become outdated now that Geoffrey Crabb, as featured in this article, has returned to concertina making after retirement and is now able to provide a large amount of information, both from personal experience and the firm's documentation. A subsequent article by Roger Digby, based on interviews with Geoffrey Crabb, has been published in the ICA's PICA Journal Volume 7 (2010) which will be available in the future from the ICA website.

There is a single Crabb instrument in the Collection, listed below.

C.326 Crabb No 18428:-   A late 48-Key metal ended English system concertina, dating from about the 1970s.

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