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Instrument Section C-330 to C-349, Maker - George Jones

There is a wealth of George Jones articles, history and manuscripts accessible in the   library site, all about this eminent Victorian gentleman.  Neil Wayne's lifelong interest in the concertina was inspired by his friendship with Frank E Butler, (the grandson of George Jones,) by whom Neil was taught to play at Frank's evening classes in the mid-1960s. Wes Williams' notes on Jones and his various addresses state: "George Jones detailed his own life story in an account that may be found on the web in Don Nichols Concertina pages. After various jobs in the concertina industry, he went to work for a Mr. Austin around 1850. The Horniman has a single item made by Jabez Austin, probably the same person. This is an English, serial no. 161. Jones ended up taking over the company by 1853, which continued until around 1909, although Jones himself retired in 1899, dying in 1919. A more accurate date for the end of the company is 1905, since the company went bankrupt after being left by Jones to his two sons on his retirement. Jones also produced instruments with modified fretwork for other dealers. The highest number Jones I've noted is 27807.So he produced around 500 instruments a year on average. There is also a recorded instrument that may be used as graph improvement point, No 3295 is fitted with 'Broad Steel' reeds, which were introduced by Jones around 1865/70. Although this could have been an earlier instrument, I've used it as an 1865 point in an attempt to quantify Jones's increasing production output".

Here are summaries of a selection from the 20 or so Jones instruments in The Collection. 

C.330   George Jones (Un-numbered):- An early 20+1 key Anglo, with an added dealer's label from Ebblewhite, Aldgate.

C.331   George Jones No 2466:- An early 20+1 key Anglo, with an early appearance of the impressed Serial Number on inner face of action board and of reed pans.

C.332   George Jones No 4056:- An early 20+1 key Anglo, with an early appearance of the G Jones label having the 2 Lucas Place address, and large ink-stamped G Jones label to inner pan-faces. Unusual curliqued bellows papers.

C.334   George Jones No 11970:- A 64-Key Baritone English concertina: fancy fretwork, silver keys and ornate finger-rests and engraved thumb-strap screws. Large ink-stamped and impressed G Jones label to inner pan-faces.  Large blue-ink stamp to inner pan-faces of "Wm A Thomas, bandmaster, Teignmouth, pupil of R Blagrove"

C.336   George Jones No 20427:-  A later model 20+1 key Anglo, with fancy scrolled frets, and the dealers' label of  Campbells, Glasgow.

C.337   George Jones No 26937:- A "Jedcertina"-style piano-fingered concertina, in the style of the J E Dallas design, and with a first appearance in the Collection of the "Screwed Notes - Defiance" stamp on the sides of the hand-bars.

C.339   George Jones (Un-numbered):- A first appearance of a 3-row Jones Anglo concertina in the Collection 28+1 numbered keys, with an added dealer's label from "Addison & Lucas - By appointment to Her Majesty", and an unusual wooden lever operating the air-valve.

C.341   George Jones No 4631:-   A 20+1 Keyed Jones Anglo, with the nicely-printed dealer's label of E Myers, Manufacturer, and a large purple Myers dealer label in the lid of the case.

C.342   George Jones No 4631:- A 20+1 Keyed Jones Anglo, with a pasted-together dealer's label of R Kirton, Watch Maker, South Shields.

  C.344   George Jones No 17435:- A 48-Key Amboyna-ended English concertina: fancy fretwork, foliate brass inlays, silver keys and ornate finger-rests and engraved thumb-strap screws and  Lachenal-branded thumb-strap clasps. Large ink-stamped and impressed Serial Number to inner pan-faces.  Large gilt  dealers label for Barker, Son & Heins on bellows frame.

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