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Instrument Section C-381 to 388 German-Made - Fancy Metalwork, inlays

Item Type: German-Made concertinas with Fancy Metalwork, metal ends, metal inlays, colour-printed tinplate ends, snakeskin ends and external brass action-levers.

Though all of the hexagonal end-profile, instruments in this section have been selected to show the wide range of end-decorations used by German manufacturers during the 1850 to 1880 period: Item C-382 has tinplate ends and sides with full-colour images of a negro musician playing to children on a beach, with the edgings showing a jungle, and a circular frieze of lions, giraffes etc! The “House Brand” instrument ( C-383) was highly thought of by West Clare players, and has matte metal ends and side-frames. Item C-384 is the only known instrument with ends and sides clad in real snake-skin, while C-387 has many, many engraved nickel inlays to ends and sides.  One of the earliest of the non-rectangular German instruments is Item C-388, the "Patent Metall Concertina No 77" has thick solid mahogany ends, with all of the keys, levers and brass pallets mounted on the outer side of this mahogany end plate.

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