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Wheatstone Materials and Publications in the Collection

The images, publications, biographies, inventions and prototypes of the many inventions of Charles Wheatstone are a major resource within the Collection, and include many personal items from Wheatstone and his family, and contemporary articles, papers and illustrations about the man and his researches from 19th century journals and publications. Wheatstone’s early prototype concertinas and related musical instruments, telegraph items and primitive accordéons originating from Sir Charles’ personal museum collection, once housed in the Wheatstone Laboratory at King’s College London are central to the study of the early development of the concertina, and all are illustrated and catalogued in detail within this database.

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NC:1: Wheatstone Items - Summary

  • 1:1: C Wheatstone Images and written works [Index]
  • 1:1:1: Personal Images [Browse]
  • 1:1:2: Telegraphy [Browse]
  • 1:1:3: Stereoscopy Items [Browse]
  • 1:1:4: Wheatstone Clocks [Browse]
  • 1:1:5: Harmonic Diagram [Browse]
  • 1:1:6: Colleagues and Associates, other inventions [Browse]
  • 1:2: Wheatstone Inventions, associated Items and Books - Summary [Index]
  • 1:2:1: Telegraphic Items [Browse]
  • 1:2:2: Stereoscopy Items [Browse]
  • 1:2:3: Wheatstone Clocks
  • 1:2:4: Harmonic Diagram [Browse]
  • 1:2:5: Colleagues/Family Items
  • 1:2:6: Commemorative Stamps [Browse]
  • 1:2:7: Wheatstone-related Books [Browse]
  • 1:2:8: The Wheatstone Flute Embouchure [Browse]
  • 1:2:9: Wheatstone ‘Wren’ Mouth Organs [Browse]
  • 1:2:10: Wheatstone Patents [Browse]
  • 1:2:11: Wheatstone Acoustic Devices [Browse]
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