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NC:5: Items-Concertina Music and Tutors

This section includes early bound volumes of music composed for the concertina, and single pieces by such composers and performers as Blagrove, Regondi, Sedgwick et al. There are manuscripts tune-books of the early repertoire, and general tune-books for the instrument. The Collection contains the complete Henry Stanley Archive, with the master manuscripts for all of the arrangements and exercises hand-written by this master teacher and arranger of the early to mid 20th century. This section also includes details and images of over 400 published concertina tutors for all known fingering systems and makes of concertina, from the earliest 'English' tutor to that for Wheatstones' "May Fair" of the 1950s.

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NC:5: Concertina Music - Summary [Index]

  • 5:1: Bound Volumes [Index]
  • 5:1:1: All Concertina
  • 5:1:2: Mixed, parts
  • 5:2: Single Pieces [Index]
  • 5:2:1: English Concertina
  • 5:2:2: Duet Concertina
  • 5:2:3: Silberhorn/Chemnitzer Concertina
  • 5:3: Manuscripts [Index]
  • 5:3:1: General Tunebooks
  • 5:3:2: Concertina Manuscript Music
  • 5:3:3: Henry Stanley Master Copies - Summary
  • Stanley: English music
  • Stanley: Duet Music
  • Stanley: Tune Lists
  • Stanley: Manuscript Tutors
  • 5:4: Published Tutors for the Concertina [Index]
  • 5:4:1: English Concertina [Browse]
  • 5:4:2: Anglo Concertina - British [Browse]
  • 5:4:3: Anglo Concertina - German [Browse]
  • 5:4:4: Maccann Duet Concertina
  • 5:4:5: Crane Duet Concertina
  • 5:4:6: ‘Double’ Duet Concertina
  • 5:4:7: Wheatstone 1844 Pattern Duette concertina
  • 5:4:8: Bandoneon and Chemnitzer concertina
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