The Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-084.

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Item Type: Concertina

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Action Board

Action Board Summary: The instrument's Action is made up of a brass sheet with a folded-down T-shaped top section that holds down the brass-sheet levers. The brass-strip section of the longer, lower-note levers is broader over much of their length. Pallets are now circular pale cardboard, with those to bass reeds of a larger diameter, and the large air-valve pallet 32mm diameter.

Action Board Pivot: A brass sheet with a folded-down T-shaped top section

Action Board Levers: Brass-strip levers.

Action Board Springs: Brass

Action Board Pallets: The pallets are circular pale cardboard, with those to most lower reeds of a larger diameter.

Action Board Securing-screw pattern: Another appearance in the Collection's large Duets of an array of seven tall cylindrical wooden fret-support columns glued around the action boards - but NOT screwed though the end-frets: (two of them amongst the higher keys), but with two of these wooden cylindrical supports receiving the two long wood-screws from the wooden hand-strap, bar; no externally-visible screws or supports are now used in the fret area.

Action Board Sub-fret-board Supports: No sub-fret boards: the array of supports touch directly upon the inner face of the frets.

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